Why did you decide to volunteer with us?

I initially made the decision to volunteer with Haven as I'd recently stopped working in the field of Education and wanted a change of career. 

I knew that I still wanted to work with children, but within a more caring, supportive role and environment. 

Haven appealed to me as I have witnessed first hand the effect domestic abuse can have on children and it's these vulnerable children I want to be able to reach out to and help. 

What's it been like?

Volunteering with Haven has been so rewarding, enjoyable, yet also challenging at times. I have mainly supported the 'Helping Hands' groups in schools and at Zest, the family days and recruitment days. 

During my time at Haven I've had the opportunity to undertake in some invaluable training too, which has broadened my knowledge of domestic abuse, developed my skills and helped me to become a better practitioner.

It is a pleasure to be working with such a friendly and supportive team of people.