CandYP Programme 

Our CandYP (Children and Young People) programme is underpinned by academic research and was developed in partnership with University of Sheffield professor, Jean Kidner. It is owned by Haven and is the foremost therapeutic programme used in Sheffield to support relationship building between a child and their safe parent/carer after they have left the abusive relationship.

CandYP is a programme known and trusted by other professionals supporting children and young people, and feedback from the families is overwhelmingly positive. Children and young people say they feel safer, happier, and able to talk to their significant adult better.

Read a CandYP case study here.

How it works:

The programme is a 1-1 service which focuses on building the relationship between the child and the safe parent/carer after they have left the abusive relationship.

Through working with one of our specialist practitioners, the parent/carer and child will complete activities which strengthen their bond, help them to communicate together and allow the child to explore any feelings relating to the abuse in a safe way. They will also be taught a range of techniques to help manage emotions.

At the end of the process, families are given a compilation of the activities they have completed, to demonstrate the journey they have been on together. 

Who is eligible:

The CandYP programme is available for a parent/carer and child once they have left the abusive relationship for a period of 6 months.

How to access:

Families can either be referred by their support practitioner or the parent/carer/child can self-refer using the following form:

Haven Service Referral Form


Support and Advocacy 

These are bespoke programmes which adopt a whole family/whole system approach.

Read a Support and Advocacy case study here.

How it works:

One of our specialist practitioners will work with the family to develop a plan of support which is specific to the individual requirements of each child and young person.  

Who is eligible:

Either the 'Strengthening Families Programme' team or the 'Multi Agency Support Team' (MAST) will refer families to this programme.

How to access:

Please contact us first if you are interested in accessing support via these programmes.