To supply Mac-Pacs for every child, we regularly need donations of the following:

  • Ready-made Mac-Pacs
  • Specific items to go inside the packs
  • Financial donations to help us purchase the contents ourselves

Packs are given out to children of all ages and we like to keep the items as gender neutral as possible, but the following items tend to be used regularly:

Play dough, a glitter sensory bottle, colouring pattern sheets and coloured pencils, origami paper and instructions to make a bookmark or similar, small (homemade) weaving card plus wool/ribbon to thread through, fluffy socks, stress ball, Rubik cube, slime, note books, paints, sketch books or anything that can distract a child or young person who is feeling a bit low.

We also need small brown paper bags for making up the packs.  

Unfortunately, due to health and safety regulations we are unable to accept used items.

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What are Mac-Pacs?

The Mac-Pacs came about when 3 primary school children contacted us to ask how they could practically help the children and young people that we work with. They’d already had the idea of making up a bag of craft and activity items to be given to the children and young people when they first come to Haven. We thought this was a great idea and soon after, we received the first packs. 

They've been a big success!

Our practitioner's use the mac-pac as an icebreaker to help the children relax, or as a distraction to help with stress and anxiety. Some practitioners also use them as a worry box to help with the child's wellbeing. 

We now aim to provide a pack for all the children and young people who access our service. We work with a lot of children and young people, so we need a continuous supply of packs, around 450 each year. 

Please contact us to discuss how you can help.