We offer a range of group support programmes for children and young people. Please use the following form to refer someone to our services:

Haven Service Referral Form

Read one of our group support case studies here.

Bouncing Back

Primary Group aimed at children aged 5–11 years old

This group will have lots of activities to help children understand and come to terms with events that have taken place in the family.

Through this group, children are enabled and empowered to name and express their feelings, manage angry feelings and worries, and help them to feel confident about keeping safe.

Secondary Group aimed at children aged 11-18 years old

This peer support programme, developed by Haven, consists of group sessions over six to eight weeks. It's aimed at helping young people to feel less alone with their feelings, to connect with others, to express their emotions in safe, healthy ways, and to feel stronger and more settled in themselves.

Through this group, young people will learn and understand more about abuse and healthy relationships and to share their feelings and experiences with others who have been in similar circumstances.