Massive thanks to Nicole-Rae's Heavenly "Haven" Treats

We recently heard that an 11 year old aspiring chef is raising money for Haven by doing a bake sale.

Nicole-Rae is selling her cakes via Facebook and, a week into January, posted that she had orders booked through to February!

People can order from a list of products, or supply a recipe for a bespoke cake, which will then get delivered to their Sheffield home or workplace in exchange for a donation of between £2 - £10 for Haven. Nicole-Rae has checked that she can continue selling her cakes during lockdown and posted that they will be delivered in a 'Covid safe' way.

We absolutely love the idea and are amazed by all the work which has been done by Nicole-Rae to raise money to help children and young people receive support from us. Thank you 🙏❤️

Check out Nicole-Rae's Heavenly "Haven" Treats Facebook page via this link here.

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If you've been inspired by Nicole-Rae, there are lots of different ways you can get involved and support the children and young people using our service.

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