Five reasons you should tackle a charity challenge for Haven

If you've heard of challenges such as Dry January, Movember and Fitness February, you'll know how popular this type of 30 day challenge has become over the years. When you add in the number of charity runs, bike rides and mountain climbs that are now available, it's clear to see that we're a nation of challenge loving fundraisers!

But organised challenges are only part of the story...

Fundraising does not always need to be a massive undertaking. Testing your physical (and mental) endurance by running a marathon or cycling coast to coast is fantastic, but there are also hundreds of other less taxing choices such as quiz nights, sponsored silences and cake baking. 

Creating your own challenge is much more personal and, the beauty is that you can choose to raise money for Haven while doing something which really means something to you.

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Doing a charity challenge for Haven will help raise valuable funds which go towards helping more children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse. It can help change lives, but read on for the ways in which it can benefit you too.

1.  Staying motivated

Even when you're excited to complete a personal challenge, there will be days when your motivation is tested and the last thing you want to do is put on your running shoes to train, head out on a cold bike ride to get the miles in, or go another minute without chocolate! If you've taken on a challenge alone, it can be easy to back out, but knowing you have others relying on you (the charity, your sponsors and the people whose lives you're changing) can give you an extra incentive to dig deep and keep going.

2.  Improving your health

Exercising helps your brain to release endorphins which can, in turn, reduce anxiety and depression. But doing challenges is also good for your health even when it's not something physical. Putting others first and raising funds for charity can give you a sense of fulfilment and connection, plus the act of giving stimulates the reward centre in our brains.

3. Learning new things

You could choose a new activity which challenges you to do something completely different, or pick something you know really well and make it into an event. Whatever you decide, there are bound to be new things you learn along the way, whether it's training your body and mind for an endurance challenge or researching how to run a music event for charity.

4.  Meeting new people

Getting involved in charity work will give you the chance to meet other like-minded people, either in person or via social media. You could decide to join a running group to train for a 5K run, do an evening class to get some tips and ideas before doing a bake-off, or meet new people at a jumble sale you arrange. Another great idea is to pull together a group of your friends and do the challenge together.

5.  Making a difference in the world

By choosing to fundraise for a Haven, you can make a real difference. Charities always welcome extra funding to help deliver valuable services and support, and Haven is no different. Your fundraiser will also contribute to raising awareness of the work we do, sharing how we help children and young people in and around Sheffield.

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Next steps

If that's whet your appetite to set up your own fundraiser, check out our Donate or Fundraise page here for details on how to set up a fundraising page or use Virgin Money Giving.

You'll can also find some extra ideas here or download our Fundraising A-Z document here.


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