Accessing support in Sheffield

There are lots of fantastic charities and organisations that can offer you support and guidance during this time.

We have created a comprehensive guide to many of the services Sheffield has to offer, as well as free advice and activities you can access online from your own home.

Click here to download our Sheffield Support and Information Services booklet.

Parenting and self care during the coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic we are experiencing has caused lots of change and disruption in our lives. At times, this can feel very difficult and have an impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

We have put together some tips and advice to support you and your children through this time. 

Click here to download our tips for parenting and looking after yourself. 

Keeping yourself and others safe during the coronavirus crisis

You may have heard lots of different information about coronavirus over the last few weeks. 

The virus can spread very quickly, which can be scary and worrying to hear. There are some simple things which we can all do to help keep ourselves and others safe.

Click here to download a file which gives information on the important things you need to do.

Help and support when you're worried

It can be difficult to talk to people in your house about your feelings, worries, or what’s on your mind, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

However, there are some organisations that may be able to help, or just listen.

Click here to download a list of useful numbers and websites.