More time spent at home during lockdown has meant a significant increase in the amount of time that families spend online, either using a PC, tablet, phone or gaming device. This extra screen time has given children and young people a valuable connection with their friends, along with important access to online information and support.

However, it can also mean exposure to additional risk, so what can you do help your child stay safe while using the internet?

Helping your child to stay safe online

There's no 'one size fits all' set of instructions for using the internet, but there are some fantastic resources available to help keep your child safe.

Our Staying Safe Online page has links to 3 of our favourites:

  • Net Aware which tells you what games, apps and social media platforms are used for, along with the risks.
  • UK Safer Internet Centre which gives you instructions on how to set parental controls for different internet providers.
  • which gives guidance for all areas of internet safety.