With all the social distancing measures in place this year, we decided to make our main summer event a 'picnic at home' rather than the traditional activities and family days out which we normally hold.

Preparations are well underway and, whilst we don't want to spoil the surprise by giving too away much right now, we'd like to share a little of the background work which has been going on.

More about the 'Picnic at Home'

Around 50 of the families we currently work with will receive a picnic basket and blanket, which they will then use to have a family day either at home or in a nearby park on 15th August.

Each basket contains six special bags (one for each week leading up to the big day) and inside are different activities for children and young people to do with their families. We'll be running competitions for the activities and will ask families to send in 'safe' pictures which can be displayed on our website.

Due to Covid-19, we quarantined the baskets for a few days before delivery, but all families should receive theirs very soon. Then, on the actual day, we'll all be having a picnic lunch together - but separately in our own homes.

Thank you to everyone involved

We simply couldn't run an event like this without the help we receive from others. There are too many to mention individually, but we'd like to share special thanks to the following:

  • Anna Chester for getting the ball rolling on funding for the 'picnics at home' with her birthday fundraiser.
  • Our team of knitters for kindly donating the picnic blankets.
  • All our recent donators whose money will be used towards this event.


Picnic baskets Picnic baskets 

Picnic baskets



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