Role: Volunteer Mentor - Children and Young People

Hours: Variable (approx 2 hours per week)

Volunteers support individual children and young people who have been identified by practitioners for additional mentoring support. This includes meeting them prior to groups starting so that they feel less anxious, arranging to go for a coffee or offering other activities to build confidence and self esteem.

The Role:

This role involves supporting individual children and young people who have completed a service with us and been identified by practitioners for additional mentoring support. 

Once trained, the mentor will meet the child or young person (and their safe carer) with a practitioner to discuss the types of activities you could do, where to meet and what type of support they would most benefit from. This is also a chance to ensure everyone is happy to continue, as it is always the choice of the child or young person to take part.

Weekly or sometimes fortnightly visits would then take place, e.g. spending time together talking, trying out activities, visiting local attractions etc. The main aims of these sessions are to listen and provide emotional support, support the child or young person to feel more confident and able to try new things and, to increase their interests and activities. It may also involve supporting them to access a Haven group if this is appropriate.

Volunteer mentors can meet and discuss progress with the linked practitioner or the Business Services Manager at any time and, after an agreed amount of time (approximately 1 month), the support will be reviewed.

Volunteer mentors will go through a process of recruitment, complete a training course and be subject to a satisfactory enhanced DBS check and references.

Primary Objective:

To provide emotional and practical support to children and young people following on from any Haven service. The children and young people will be from a variety of backgrounds and have experienced or are still experiencing domestic abuse.

Duties and Responsibilities:

To undertake tasks as specified in this role description with guidance from the Business Services Manager and staff team.

  • To establish and build a trusting relationship with the child or young person.
  • To establish and maintain appropriate boundaries within the mentoring relationship.
  • To spend time with/share activities with the child or young person.
  • To support the child or young person in attending Haven groups and/or CandYP sessions.
  • To accompany the child or young person (and if necessary the safe carer) on their journey to and from a specific Haven group (both by public transport and use of the volunteer’s own vehicle).
  • To give feedback to Practitioners as appropriate as to how the support with the child or young person is progressing.
  • To report any safeguarding concerns to the Practitioner or Business Services Manager.
  • To attend regular volunteer meetings and supervisions as arranged with the Business Services Manager.
  • To attend additional in-house and external training events for personal development, as agreed and appropriate.
  • To respect and work within the organisation’s policies on equality and diversity, confidentiality and all other policies and procedures adopted by the organisation at all times.
  • From time to time carry out additional tasks as agreed in advance as appropriate and within the boundaries of the volunteer’s responsibility and capacity.
Skills Required (following completion of the volunteer training course):
  • Ability to listen.
  • Good literacy skills, i.e. to write and record case notes accurately.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with parents, children and young people from diverse and varied backgrounds.
  • An understanding of effective ways to communicate and work with children, including the different ways children learn.
  • Knowledge of local resources.
  • A practical and fun attitude.
  • Able to keep calm under pressure.
  • Awareness of appropriate behaviour management.
  • A non-judgmental and respectful approach.
  • An understanding of appropriate boundaries and sharing personal views and information.
  • An understanding of equal opportunities.
  • An openness to learning, willing to self-evaluate and challenge.
  • Some understanding of the issues of domestic abuse and how adult victims and children can be affected by this.
  • A good understanding of the importance of safeguarding and confidentiality, including how to deal with disclosures.
Personal Circumstances:
  • To be able to commit to visiting the child or young person for 2 to 3 hours on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
  • To be available to complete our information and induction training session.
  • To discuss availability and length of commitment openly and to keep the Business Services Manager updated with any changes in availability.
  • To be able to attend monthly volunteer team meetings.
  • A commitment to personal development and to be able to attend supervision and relevant training courses.
  • If using own transport to have a valid driving license, appropriate insurance and valid MOT (if required).
  • Minimum aged 18.
  • Whilst volunteering with Haven, you will be exposed to information and experiences relating to domestic abuse, and safeguarding both you and our clients from additional trauma is our priority. With regards to this we must ask you to let us know if you have had any experience of domestic abuse either in the past or currently, and if you have received support around this. Please note this will not necessarily prevent you from volunteering with Haven.

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