Failing to recognise domestic abuse as an underlying cause of any issues can result in serious long-term effects for the individual. 

Here at Haven, we are specialists in working with children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse. Our team of experts have developed a range of bespoke training, support packages and group programmes to help anyone working with children, young people and their wider families. We also provide packages for individuals.

Our training programmes

It isn’t always obvious that domestic abuse may be a factor in the way a child is behaving or the impact on their personal development. Through our training, you can gain a better understanding of the impact that domestic abuse can have on children and young people and the psychological impact on different parts of the brain. 

Our group programmes explain to children about how to stay safe and understand about healthy relationships.

Our training specifically focuses on children and young people and domestic abuse.

We can also develop training programmes to suit the specific needs of the organisation, profession or individual. This may be one-off training, advocacy sessions, workshops or longer programmes.  

One school we worked with told us:

“Out of these 95 students from KS3, over 70% have experienced some form of Domestic Abuse, either historically or currently. This data only shows what has been recorded - I believe the figure is higher as students are often told not to discuss what is happening at home. The records show that out of the 70% over 15% are experiencing multiple trauma from Domestic Abuse episodes”.

How to access our training

For further information please email: [email protected] or telephone: 0114 2130590