I don't normally do 'Birthday Fundraisers' but we're not in normal times are we?? So, in the midst of this Covid-19 Emergency I'd welcome any support you can give to Haven. Haven work with children and young people affected by domestic abuse? And now - more than ever these 'hidden children' need our help! 
Haven is a South Yorkshire charity based at Zest in Sheffield. And it's run by Kerry Albiston, a fabulous woman who I am proud to call a friend. She and her small team, including another lovely friend, Ronnie Postlethwaite, are on the front line during this emergency.
My fundraiser will support a current project  to give their families a 'Picnic at Home' this summer. They want to provide the Picnic in a box which can subsequently become the families 'Memory Box' which is a fab idea. Kerry estimates a 'Picnic Box' will cost about £20 per family, so will you join me and give all these families a 'Great Yorkshire Picnic' this summer??
Please support my fundraiser in aid of Haven and the specialist services they provide to children and young people affected by domestic abuse. Children and young people are often the unheard victims of domestic abuse. Children have no legal right, no financial backing and are often not only ignored but accused of lying and making up stories. No one is more vulnerable, more deserving of help or more in need than a child who is isolated and afraid with no means to help themselves.

There are no official statistics on how many children are living with domestic abuse but Women’s Aid reports that 61.7% of women living in refuge had children under the age of 18 with them and a study conducted by Radford in 2011 states that one in seven children have lived with domestic violence at some point in their childhood.

These children live in a state of confusion and fear and having to deal with heavy burdens much beyond their years. Living with domestic abuse can result in behavioural issues, physical pains and sickness, problems at school, extreme anxiety, isolation and many more traits. When living with domestic abuse, the one place that you are supposed to feel safe is taken away from you. These children are often carers, instead of cared for; dealing with physical and psychological pain and a diminished sense of self worth. These children need a safe place to be open about their experiences and feel heard.

By supporting this fundraiser you will not only be helping the hundreds of children per year that come to Haven but the wider community by supporting us to break the cycle of abuse for future generations.

Please share with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter to help me reach my target, thank you!

Anna Chester