Jo Casey-Castley
Group Support Volunteer

As a volunteer with Haven I have enjoyed being part of a dedicated and supportive team. 

I've been involved in supporting both the Helping Hands Group’s (ages 6-11) and the CandYP family work. 

Joining Haven as a volunteer meant that I attended a Volunteer Training Programme, which was a great supportive experience, where I was able to meet other volunteers.  

I chose to apply to Haven as a volunteer to offer support and gain further knowledge of working with children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse. 

Having a background in therapy and teaching I have found the experience with Haven vitally important. 

Recently, I have been offered some temporary paid work with Haven to deliver an Art Therapy pilot based on a psycho-educational approach, supporting boys and young men on a 1-1 basis and potentially working towards connecting to an Art Therapy group.

Volunteering and working with the Haven team is and has been, an important and valuable piece of my professional development.