Haven is delighted to be awarded the Women’s Aid National Quality Standard

Following an assessment in early 2022, Haven has been awarded the Women’s Aid National Quality Standard Stage One



The Standards support specialist domestic abuse services by providing a set of criteria against which they can evidence the quality of their work. After reviewing the documentary evidence submitted, the Assessor writes a report to the Quality Assessment Panel which makes the final decision about whether an organisation has passed an assessment. 

Haven was assessed across seven standards which included:

  1. Safety, security and dignity
    Women and children's rights to life, liberty, and dignity are upheld.
  2. Rights and access
    Equal access to their rights and entitlements is ensured for all survivors, and barriers to equality are addressed.
  3. Physical and emotional health
    Women and children's rights to the highest attainable standards of physical, sexual, reproductive and mental health are upheld, promoting long-term recovery, and well-being.
  4. Stability, resilience and autonomy
    Women survivors are supported to achieve long-term stability, independence, and freedom from abuse.
  5. Children and young people
    The rights of children and young people to safety, education, and family life are upheld.
  6. Leadership and prevention
    Women and girls' voices lead the development of strategic responses to violence against women and girls.
  7. Governance and accountability
    The organisation demonstrates women's leadership of services for women and children, and is accountable to survivors and communities. 

The panel's findings

“The Panel was impressed by Haven’s commitment to Children and Young People and were delighted to hear about all of the excellent work you are doing in the Sheffield area. Particular mention was made to your promotional material such as the Haven films which were highly commended. The Panel noted how passionate and hard working the organisation is and spoke highly of your innovative practice. 

Message from Haven's Trustees

“We are really pleased to have achieved this first stage Women’s Aid National Quality Standard. This accreditation recognises the quality of work that Haven’s staff, volunteers and Trustees are committed to, whilst providing the help and support for Children & Young People and their families affected by domestic abuse in Sheffield and that use our services”.   
Haven’s Chair - Tracy Elliott

About the Women's Aid National Quality Standards

"The Women's Aid National Quality Standards were developed in response to the needs of our members. They demonstrate the unique quality of dedicated specialist services for women and children survivors."
Women's Aid

Read the standards in full: