If you'd like to fundraise for Haven but are struggling for ideas, read on for a list of some of our favourites:

Sponsored silence

Are you a bit of a chatter box? Would your family and friends cough up for a bit of peace and quiet? Then this challenge is for you!

See if you can last a whole day...

Do something sporty

Maybe you're a fitness enthusiast, or perhaps you're not (which can be even better for a fundraising challenge). You could do a sponsored run, walk or swim, or maybe climb a mountain or kayak down a river.

Here at Haven, we like to promote active and healthy lifestyles but please be safe and ensure than you have trained for your event!

Coffee Morning

Invite your friends and family to a coffee morning and post flyers around your village, on notice boards and at social clubs and shops to widen the audience. Charge a small amount for entry and/or drinks and cake.

Not only will you be raising some money for Haven but you could also be helping to reduce isolation in the elderly and disabled members of your community.

Come Dine with Me

If you love cooking, you could invite all your favourite people round for a small entry fee, or ask them to contribute as they see fit.

Whip up your best dish and pull out all the stops! You could keep the dress code casual or 'posh it up' and even have a 'best dressed' or fancy dress competition just for fun.

Crafty Cathy

If you're good at crafts, you could sell whatever you make online or at local events. Bath bombs, bookmarks, knitted goods, handbags, homemade fudge - the list is endless.

Christmas is a great time of year to do this, or you could piggyback on school events, country shows and bonfire night displays etc. However, please ensure you gain consent from the event organisers first and follow UK laws on street selling/have the correct licenses if you go to a market.

Run an event

Hosting your own event can be lots of work but, if you have great organisational skills, the rewards are just as big.

Event ideas include:

  • Fashion show - see if you can get local companies (or fashion students) to donate outfits and get the whole community behind you.
  • Music gig or battle of the bands - speak to local musicians or music enthusiasts and get them involved.
  • Comedy night - if your friends are jokers, get them together for a comedy event in a local venue. You might even get the room/pub venue for free if you say it's for charity.